Research Projects

Current Funded Research Projects

NSF CyberSEES: eMammal visual informatics infrastructure for supporting large-scale wildlife monitoring and sustainability research, 2015-2018.

NSF-CPS: Cyber-Physical Sensing and Control for Algae Biofuel Production and Wastewater Processing, 2015-2018

Object search for cloud-based multimedia content distribution and interactions, TCL Research, 2014 -


Past Funded Research Projects

Computational and Informatics Tools for Supporting Collaborative Wildlife Monitoring and Research, NSF, Aug 2011-Aug 2014. PI, Leading Institute. Collaborator: UIUC.

Processes Determining Abundance of Terrestrial Wildlife Communities Across Large Scales, NSF, June 2011-June 2014, PI. Collaborator: New York State Museum, Smithsonian Institute.

Video localization with handheld camera videos, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, June 2010 June 2012, Co-PI.

Human Detection in Vehicle Occupancy for Battlefield Safety, Army Research Lab, LWI, July 2010 December 2011, Co-PI. PI

Active vision for fall risk assessment in eldercare, NSF, Sep 2009 Aug 2012, Co-PI

Human activity analysis, Army Research Lab, LWI, Sep 2008-Sep 2009, Co-PI

Large Format Video Processing for Wide Area Persistent Surveillance. (PI, Motion Imagery Standard Board & BAH, 2008 - )

DeerNet Integrated camera and sensor network design for wildlife behavior monitoring (PI, funded by NSF)

Technology Interventions for Elders with Mobility and Cognitive Impairments (Co-PI, funded by NSF)

Elder-Centered Recognition Technology for the Assessment of Physical Function (Co-PI, funded by NSF)

Automated activity analysis for eldercare. (PI, funded by NIH)

Automated video exploitation, Center for Geospatial Intelligence. (Task leader; 2006 - 2010)



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