Lab Members

Prof. Zhihai He

Email: HeZhi@missouri.edu

Webpage: http://videonet.ece.missouri.edu/He.htm



Wenming Cao, visiting professor

Email: Caowe@missouri.edu

Research Interest:  sensor networks, image processing, pattern recognition


Chen Huang, Ph. D student

Email: chenhuang@mail.missouri.edu

Webpage: http://chenhuang.me

Research Interest: deep learning, fine-grained image categorization, large-scale image retrieval



Zhi Zhang, Ph. D Student

Email: zzbhf@mail.missouri.edu

Research Interest:  Computer Vision. Specifically human face/body recognition and identification, object detection/classification/verification and large scale image retrieval; Multimedia indexing and retrieval including visual frames and audio.




Guanghan Ning, Ph. D student

Email: guanghan.ning@mail.missouri.edu

Research Interest: License plate recognition, text detection from natural scenes, natural scene classification, camera take detection, multimedia fingerprinting, content-based multimedia retrieval, and rate-coverage optimization for multimedia database.


Description: Description: Description: http://videonet.ece.missouri.edu/images/people/students/blankphoto.jpg

Hayder Y. Yousif, Ph. D student

Email: hyypp5@mail.missouri.edu




Zhiqun Zhao, Ph. D student

Email: zzhv7@mail.missouri.edu


Liang Zhao, visiting scholar

Email: liang.zhao.hit@gmail.com

Research Interest: video coding, HEVC standardization and optimization, compressed domain moving object detection and classification.


Yan Tang, M.S student

Email: ytcdb@mail.missouri.edu

Wenqiang Bo, M.S student

Email: wb334@mail.missouri.edu


Qiyuan Gao, M.S student

Email: qgk95@mail.missouri.edu


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